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One-stop consulting and Outsourcing | Accounting, Legal, Social insurance, and Administrative scrivener Office

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Shiodome Partners Group
  • Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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  • One-stop Outsourced Accounting & Law office
  • Shiodome International Accounting Office
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Located in Tokyo. A group of professionals, such as CPAs, certified publuc tax accountants, lawyers, certified social insurance & labor consultants, administrative scriveners, and marine procedure commission agents
  • ■Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • ■Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • ■Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • ■Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • ■Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • ■Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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Group history
 Jul’07Maekawa CPA Office was established in Minato-ku (by Kengo Maekawa, the Group CEO)
 Apr’08For the purpose of consulting on accounting, Shiodome Partners K.K. was established
Maekawa CPA Office changed its name to Shiodome Partners Accounting Firm
 Nov’08Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Firm was established by Makoto Imai
 Jan’09Shiodome Partners Law Firm was established by Hideki Sato
 Feb’09Koguchi Sea Agency Firm was established by Taiki Koguchi
 Mar’09Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm was established by Kengo Maekawa
 Sep’09HQ relocation to Shinbashi, Minato-ku
 May’10Koguchi Sea Agency Firm changed its name to Shiodome Sea Agency Firm
 Jan’11Business alliance with SPAL Managment Co.,ltd in China
Shiodome Partners Group- Shanghai office was established
 Jul’11Established Shiodome Partners (HK) Co.,Limited in Hong Kong
 Aug’12Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation was established by Shiodome Partners Accounting Firm merged with Ryuta Sato CPTA office.
 Oct’12Business alliance with “YL Ngan CPA” in Hong Kong
 Dec’12Okinawa branch of Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation was established
 Jan’13Business alliance with “AKGVG & Associates”
Shiodome Partners Group- New-Delhi office was established