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One-stop consulting and Outsourcing | Accounting, Legal, Social insurance, and Administrative scrivener Office

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Shiodome Partners Group
  • Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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  • One-stop Outsourced Accounting & Law office
  • Shiodome International Accounting Office
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Located in Tokyo. A group of professionals, such as CPAs, certified publuc tax accountants, lawyers, certified social insurance & labor consultants, administrative scriveners, and marine procedure commission agents
  • ■Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • ■Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • ■Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • ■Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • ■Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • ■Shiodome Sea Agency Office
Shiodome Partners Group
5th Floor,Shiodome Superior Building,1-7-10 Shimbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo,105-0004,Japan
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Shiodome Partners Group Outline

Shiodome Partners Group is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo (Ginza, Shiodome, Shinbashi area). We are supported by professionals such as Certified Public Accountants, Tax Accountants, Social Insurance Specialists, Lawyers, and Judicial Scriveners. By concentrating each expertise effectively, we are providing seamless one-stop corporate services. Also, we are helping Japanese Corporations aiming to expand toward Hong Kong or Singapore. We have Hong Kong office, Shanghai office, and subcontracting company in Singapore to cope with any abrupt events or issues peculiar to the locals. (Hong Kong Office: 1019, Chinachem Golden Plaza, 77Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong) (Shanghai Office (Coping with Singapore expansion): 1809-5, Jian Guo Xi Lu, 91 Jianguo West Load, Luwan, Shanghai, China)

Shiodome Partners Group
NameShiodome Partners Co.,Ltd.
Date of establishment1-April 2008
RepresentativeKengo Maekawa(CPA・Certified Public Tax Accountant)
Member120 people
・Certified public accountants … 4 people
・Certified Public Tax Accountant … 4 people
・Lawyer … 3 people
・Specialist in social insurance … 15 people
・Judicial scrivener … 2 people
・Administrative scriveners … 2 people
・Marine Procedure Commission Agent … 1 people
・Who passed the CPA exam … 3 people
・Who passed tax accountant test subjects … 30 people
・Other staff
CapitalJPY 50,000,000(Group total)
Clientmore than 500 companies(Group total)
TelDomestic call 03-6228-5505 / International Call+81-3-6228-5505
BranchShanghai Office (China)
Delhi Office (India)
Related CorporationShiodome Partners (HK) Co.,Limited
Shiodome Partners (Singapore) Pte.,Limited
Shiodome Partners (USA) Inc.
Group Outline
Shiodome Partners Co.,Ltd
RepresentativeRepresentative Director Kengo Maekawa
(CPA・Certified Public Tax Accountant Administrative Scrivener)
Date of Establishment1-April 2008
Business LineupIPO Consulting
Internal Controls
IFRS Consulting
Financial Advisory Services
M&A Advisory Services
Consulting on Overseas Expansion. Etc

Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
RepresentativesRepresentative Director Kengo Maekawa (Certified Public Tax Accountant)
Representative Director Ryuta Sato (Certified Public Tax Accountant)
Date of Establishment8-August 2012
Business Lineup Consulting on Accounting and Tax Practices
Outsourcing for Accounting, Custodies, and Tax Practices
Correspondence for Inheritance Tax and Business Succession
Development of Business Plan and Support for Financing. Etc
Shiodome Partners Law Office
RepresentativesCenter President Hideki Sato (Lawyer)
Date of Establishment1-January 2009
Business LineupCorporate Legal Practices
Court Cases
Legal Consultations
General Legal Practices for Individuals and Civil Cases

Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
RepresentativesCenter President Makoto Imai (Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant)
Date of Establishment1-November 2008
Business LineupOutsourcing for Labor Insurance and Social Insurance Procedures
Outsourcing for Payroll Calculations
HR and Labor Consulting
Consultations and Applications for Subventions and Grants from the Governments
Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Corporation
RepresentativesCenter President Kengo Maekawa(Administrative Scrivener
Date of Establishment1-March 2009
Business LineupEstablishment of a Business (Corporations, Funds, Branches. Etc)
Grant Applications for Business Permissions, Visa. Etc.

Shiodome Sea Agency Office
RepresentativesCenter President Taiki Koguchi (Marine Procedure Commission Agent)
Date of Establishment5-February 2009
Business LineupGeneral services needed for the marine operations in Japan, such as crafts license acquisition, termination, crafts’ registration, and mandatory inspections. Clerical Services for Mariners
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Certified Public Accountant / Certified Public Tax Accountant Kengo Maekawa

Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Tax Accountant, Administrative Scrivener
Kengo Maekawa
Graduated from
Hokkaido University
The Department of Economics

Lawyer / Hideki Sato
Lawyer / Hideki Sato

Hideki Sato
Graduated from Keio University
The Faculty of Law

Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant / Makoto Imai

Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant
Makoto Imai
Graduated from Aoyamagakuin University
The Department of Economics

Marine Procedure Commission Agent / Taiki koguchi
Marine Procedure Commission Agent / Taiki koguchi

Graduated from Housei University (The Faculty of Law) Registered as a Marine Procedure Commission Agent


1minute walk from JR (Tokyo metro) Shinbashi Station and Oedo Line Shiodome Station