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Shiodome Partners Group
  • Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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Located in Tokyo. A group of professionals, such as CPAs, certified publuc tax accountants, lawyers, certified social insurance & labor consultants, administrative scriveners, and marine procedure commission agents
  • ■Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • ■Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • ■Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • ■Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • ■Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • ■Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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Service Line

IPO(Initial Public Offering)Consulting

We are offering consulting services for companies looking to get listed at each stage of initiation, jump-up, and IPO eves.
As a professional group centered by J-CPAs, we, in good faith and sometimes innovatively, from the same stand point as a business manager, will support realizing IPO in best possible forms.

Support for Internal Control(Japanese Corporate Law and J-SOX)

We are offering consultations on internal controls in relation to the Japanese Corporate Law and the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
Taking into consideration of the company’s status (Already listed, looking to be listed, etc.), our services are not limited to an internal control for financial reporting purposes, but for streamlining operation for the company and for other legal compliances.


Financial Advisory Services(FAS)

We are offering full out services by gathering each expertise centered on J-CPAs that makes it possible to meet with wide ranges of clients’ needs. Various improvement strategy and solutions for the company’s business growth will be provided.

M&A Advisory Services

We are offering consistent consecutive support for M&A, from development of schemes, due diligence, contract negotiations, pre-M&A, to post-Merger Integrations.
By using networks of brokerages, banks, and VCs, our skilled consultants will arrange idealized M&A.

IFRS Consulting

For implementation of IFRS, thorough business table with an auditing company will be mandatory. By centering around a J-CPA who’s been certified for ICAEW IFRS license, our professionals offer the best possible information, analysis, and implementation method for IFRS.

Accounting and Tax Consulting /Outsourcing

We are offering full-out support for accounting and tax practices. After researching on the company’s situation, (such as whether or not it’s an auditee company), the best possible consultations or outsourcing will be provided.

Incorporation of Japanese Company

We are offering wide ranges of legal services that the company may possibly need. Our historical clients range from real estates, IT companies, investment funds, consulting firms, etc., with variety of scales (from enterprise ventures to listed companies). From our wide experiences of meeting with the clients’ needs, we provide the company with prompt solutions, and precise advices.

Other General Legal Services

Other than corporate legal practices, we have huge resources on general legal matters. From the deep knowledge and experiences, our lawyers put their very best to solve general legal issues.

Financial Audit

Our group of J-CPAs who have great experiences in big 4 auditing firms provides a high-quality financial audit. We’ll contribute to the company’s sound development through thorough inspections and peripheral operations,

Human Resource, Social, Labor Insurance, and Payroll Consulting/Outsourcing

Based on the company’s situation, our certified social insurance labor consultants provide meticulous consultations, as well as all-around outsourcings.

Labor & Social Insurance Practices

We provide services for processing complicated applications for labor & social insurance, such as workmen’s compensation, pensions, and unpaid wage claims.

Marine Affairs Legal Work

We are offering general services needed for the marine operations in Japan, such as crafts license acquisition, termination, crafts’ registration, and mandatory inspections.
First consultation is free of charges, so please feel easy to contact.