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Shiodome Partners Group
  • Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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Located in Tokyo. A group of professionals, such as CPAs, certified publuc tax accountants, lawyers, certified social insurance & labor consultants, administrative scriveners, and marine procedure commission agents
  • ■Shiodome Partners Inc.
  • ■Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
  • ■Shiodome Partners Law Office
  • ■Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Office
  • ■Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm
  • ■Shiodome Sea Agency Office
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Service Line for a Foreign Enterprise Doing a Business (or Plans to Do a Business) in Japan

We are offering one-stop bi-lingual corporate services including a process for establishment, accounting, tax practices, fund managements, payroll/ social insurance services, and legal practices. Our group is supported by professionals with wide range of experiences and deep knowledge, such as a JCPA, Licensed Tax Attorneys, Lawyers, Labor and Social Security Attorneys, and Other Consultants. This multifariousness and streamlined joint operations make it possible for us to function as (virtually) a part of customers’ departments.
We are offering the meticulous outsourcing services at much reasonable prices compared to the major accounting firms.

Support for a Company Formation in Japan

We are offering a procedure for establishing a corporation or a branch in Japan. Also we are offering services for legal documentations and regulatory submissions (Such as application of visa (residence status). Etc)

Accounting and Tax Consulting /Outsourcing

We are offering full-out support for accounting and tax practices. After researching on the company’s situation, (such as whether or not it’s an auditee company), the best possible consultations or outsourcing will be provided.

Custody of Funds and Disbursement Services

We are offering the company’s fund managements and timely disbursement services by safe-keeping the passbooks and by setting up internet banking in our site. Also, we are offering an analytical report to HQ in English.

Financial Advisory Services(FAS)

We are offering full out services by gathering each expertise. Lead by our J-CPA, we can meet with wide ranges of clients’ needs. Various improvement strategy and solutions for the company’s business growth are provided. (E.g. M&A advisory, Etc) s

Consulting on IFRS

By centering around a J-CPA who’s been certified for ICAEW IFRS license, our professionals offer the best possible information, analysis, conversion methods, and implementation advice for IFRS.

Financial Audit

Our group of J-CPAs that have wide experiences in major auditing firms provides a high-quality financial audit. We contribute to the company’s sound development through thorough inspections and peripheral operations,

Human Resource, Social, Labor Insurance, and Payroll Consulting/Outsourcing

Based on the company’s situation, our certified social insurance labor consultants provide meticulous consultations, as well as all-around outsourcings for payroll calculations and (involuntary) social/ labor insurance practices.

Corporate Legal Practices

We are offering wide ranges of legal services that the company may possibly need. Our historical clients range from real estates, IT companies, investment funds, consulting firms, etc., with variety of scales (from enterprise ventures to listed companies). From our wide experiences of meeting with the clients’ needs, we provide the company with prompt solutions, and precise advices.

SService Line for Overseas Expansionn

We are helping Japanese Corporations aiming to expand toward Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India, etc. When you are not familiar with the local rules, it can be very difficult to do a business. We have Hong Kong office, Shanghai office, New Delhi office, and subcontracting companies around Asia to cope with any of abrupt events or peculiar issues.

Support for Expansion toward Hong Kong

Today, Hong Kong is acknowledged as one of major cities of finance, along with London and New York. The business circumstance in Hong Kong is attractive with low income tax rates and less regulations. Many Japanese corporations are now establishing an Asian HQ in Hong Kong for Asian expansion.
We are offering one stop services for the companies aiming to incorporate in Hong Kong.

Shiodome Partners Group (Hong Kong Office: 1019, Chinachem Golden Plaza, 77Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong) Support site for Hong Kong incorporation

Support for Expansion toward Singapore

In the same manner as Hong Kong, Singapore’s economic ambience for businesses is attractive with low income tax rates and less regulations. Many Japanese corporations establish their Asian HQ in Singapore.
We are offering one stop services for the companies aiming to incorporate in Singapore. Support site for Singapore incorporation

Support for Expansion toward China

Chinese market keeps on growing and it is now attractive not just as a labor market, but also as a consumption market.
We consider that the relationship between Japan and China will be made up by spending years with concession of each other.
We are offering one stop services for the companies aiming to incorporate in China.

Shiodome Partners Group (Shanghai Office: 1809-5, Jian Guo Xi Lu, 91 Jianguo West Load, Luwan, Shanghai, China)

Support for Expansion toward India

Indian economy keeps on growing just as expected as one of BRICs.
Because Indian population is huge with 1.2 billion people and because its government is stable, Indian Market is beginning to be considered as a substitute for Chinese.
We are offering one stop services for the companies aiming to incorporate in India.

Shiodome Partners Group (New Delhi Office: 307, Pearl Corporate, Mangalam Place, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi-110085, India)