Our Management Principles

  • 1.Your success is our success, which we emphasize in our Client First policy.
  • 2.We are committed to providing a dynamic and beneficial environment for clients and employees alike. A valued and appreciated employee understands how to value and appreciate the client, leading to mutual growth, development, and success.
  • 3.As a professional organization, we believe that the best way to transcend cultural and international barriers for conducting business is through upholding the principles of integrity, transparency, and excellence.

Our Vision

Our standard for excellence in service are distilled succinctly into the following:

  • 1.Expertise
  • The staff at Shiodome Partners Group are certified professionals with expertise in all areas of business, accounting, and corporate law.
  • 2.Integrity
  • Integrity is an essential component for conducting business in the local and international community. No enterprise can succeed without earning the trust of its employees and clients alike.
  • 3.Innovation
  • The willingness to innovate and evolve is an important component of success. As a rule, we always consider the challenges and demands of the current business environment (and anticipate how it will develop) when proposing the right solution for our clients.

Ethics of Action

  • 1.Decisive planning and execution of established objectives
  • 2.Active training for advancement and innovation
  • 3.Prioritizing our client’s profitability without compromising ethics or integrity
  • 4.Support employees and clients for mutual growth and success
  • 5.Uphold our social and legal responsibility to conduct business with integrity and transparency
  • 6.Protect the privacy of clients in strict compliance to the law
  • 7.Proactive anticipation of client concerns and developments in the local and global business environment
  • 8.Prioritize client needs through awareness and insight of evolving market conditions
  • 9.Create a powerful and positive impact

Corporate Mark

logo Our corporate symbol represents our vision in 3 parts: The “S” signifies the importance of our business, accounting, and legal Specialists, not just to our reputation as an organization, but to the growth and success of our clients. Businesses can count on our established Expertise to support the achievement of core company goals and obligations.

The heart that cradles our main initial embodies our values of Integrity and transparency. The color blue conveys our commitment to Innovation and vitality, which are essential to success in today’s dynamic global environment.