PKF Culture

The PKF Values

Our values guide our interactions, define our beliefs and represent our dedication to common principles, so that we can work together across borders. They are so integral to PKF that we created the Tree as a symbol of our values to use consistently throughout internal communications. The core values are the standards the network wishes to be recognised for.
PKF member firms display these values consistently in their daily interactions with clients and with each other.


Passion – Meet and exceed expectations

The criteria for membership is strict and selective and the requirements for maintaining membership are constantly evolving to meet our clients‘ expectations. By providing opportunity and training, PKF members continues to grow personally and professionally. Embracing diversity and respecting individual and cultural differences are part of PKF.


Teamwork – Working together while recongizing our differences

Sharing knowledge PKF creates a common understanding of a global family. Strong personal relationships enable us to work seamlessly. We treat our fellow members’ clients as if they were our own and respecting one another’s relationships.


Clarity – Focused, open and honest, simplify and avoid jargon

Initiating clear and direct action. We are transparent, consistent with our approach, and convey our message plainly and concisely.


Quality – Technical quality, Service quality in everything we do

Applying the highest standards of quality to our work and adopting a policy of continual staff upskilling and member adherence to our network requirements.


Integrity – Do what is inherently right

A recognition of the individuals who represent the member firms and a strong sense of support and encouragement to make things happen, together

The PKF Strategy

  • Key Economic Centres

    A strong presence in the world’s major economic centres.

  • Good governance

    A governance structure and charter that ensures that the voice of every member can be heard.

  • Quality

    A quality level that ensures our offering delivers the highest technical and service quality to our clients.

  • Collaboration

    A universal platform allows firms to utilise talents, experience and connections of fellow members.

  • PKF Global Branding

    A globally recognised brand monitoring system drives adherence to the Commitment.

  • The PKF Commitment

    A monitoring system drives adherence to the Commitment.

What Makes PKF Different?


    While our member firms remain independently managed, being part of PKF adds international credibility and connects our firms to global resources.


    PKF people are passionate about quality. Our people are leaders in their fields, highly regarded by their peers, but remain hands on; we believe in having real conversations.


    We do things differently. Collaboration brings world class services without reinventing the wheel. Technology is a critical tool in connecting our network. Your regional coodinators provide support, when you need it, where you need it.

PKF Mission

  • To attract and retain the best members for our network
  • To provide real tools that make a tangible difference to our firms.