PKF Quality

Our ‘why’

What makes our network different and what defines people’s experience with us is that we all share the same motivations. Enriching the lives of our people and of those we serve through our entrepreneurial and innovative global brand.

Enriching the lives of member firm leaders and employees, by:

  • Developing strong personal relationships, respecting ourselves and each other, and making good on our promises
  • Nurturing personal and professional growth with secondments and global project experience
  • Supporting each other’s ambition and creating mutual opportunities for growth
  • Taking responsibility to safeguard the future of each other’s firms
  • Bringing global perspectives to challenges and opportunities to help make decisions with confidence
  • Enjoying being part of something bigger
  • Having fun

Enriching the lives of member firm clients, by:

  • Opening up their world to global expertise
  • Bringing empathy, insight and ideas to inspire confidence in decision-making
  • Sharing standards, mutual respect and collective integrity, which guarantees consistent quality, commitment and experience around the world
  • Innovating in our solutions and our service delivery

Enriching lives in our communities, by:

  • Being influential and active at the heart of our local business and social communities

PKF Global Quality Management


  • Member firms

    Annual adherences and compliance with PKF policies and procedures.

    Risk based quality review as per the PKF Global Monitoring Programme performed by regional quality and compliance inspectors

  • Risk and Quality Monitoring

    Global monitoring by the International Professional Standards Committee

  • Quality Support

    Global committee support from the Assurance Strategy Group (ASG) and the Risk Advisory Services (RAS)

    Annual training programme

    ISQM taskforce


  • Global compliance with the International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants (including International Independence Standards)
  • Global conflict checking using PKF TREND

Global Coverage and Reach

Global Coverage

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