Business Consulting Services

Shiodome Partners Group offers premium business, accounting, and legal consultation services provided by a team of experienced professionals across all corporate-related fields and specialties, which include: CPAs, CPTAs, corporate attorneys, labor and social security attorneys, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners and patent attorneys.

Our corporate philosophy is reflected by our commitment to integrity, service, and quality. Our vast and varied experience in different industries (IT, International tax regulations, entertainment, real estate, manufacturing, and more) can serve as a valuable guide to adapting in the ever-evolving local and international marketplace. We specialize in delivering all-inclusive consulting services, with a focus on empowering our clients’ success in the international business landscape.

Accounting Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive accounting advisory services for every aspect of your business, which include the following: monthly and quarterly closing, tax consolidation, advance accounts settlement, auditing, and IFRS compliance. Our accounting professionals can assist you in maximizing profitability and limiting potential expenses by guiding you through the anticipated impact of impairments, tax effects, retirement benefits, and stock options.

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Tax Preparation & Compliance

We provide a complete selection of integrated tax solutions for global, medium, and small-scale businesses, which include anti-tax haven compliance, transfer pricing, foreign dividend exclusions, and tax treaties. Our tax specialists can help you navigate through complex international regulations while limiting tax liabilities and staying in compliance.

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HR Advisory Services

Companies face a diverse range of personnel challenges in today’s globalized business environment. Shiodome Partners Group can manage the optimization of employee management and retention by redesigning and planning the company organizational structure, introducing and implementing HR systems and policies, and introducing training and education programs essential for the operation of your business.

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Labor Advisory Services

All businesses operating in Japan must be in compliance with local labor laws and regulations at all times, which include: Labor Standards Act, Industry Safety and Health Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and Child Care and Family Care Leave Act. Our legal team can help your business avoid inadvertent labor code violations and safeguard your corporate reputation in the business and legal community.

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Legal Advisory Services

Shiodome Partners Group has extensive experience in dealing with legal affairs pertaining to a wide-ranging variety of industries, such as real estate, IT, investment funds, consulting, entertainment, and more. We provide qualified counsel in every area of corporate and commercial law.

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