About our Accounting Advisory Services


Advisory Service for Accounting Policy Formulation and Accounting Method Examination

We can provide support for the formulation of appropriate accounting policies based on the application of new accounting standards and on various economic events that occur in connection with the business activities of our clients. We will assist in the examination of the best accounting method for business efficiency and effectiveness while considering the practice of the client when it comes to their back-office operations.


Advisory Service for Monthly, Quarterly or Consolidated Financial Results

In order to prepare the summary of monthly, quarterly, and consolidated financial results quickly, accurately, and efficiently, cooperation from related departments such as sales, production and business development departments, as well as subsidiaries and affiliates is essential. To achieve this, our advisory team will review the upstream and downstream of the business flow and create proposals to improve the process. In addition, when internal resources are insufficient, consultants who are also certified public accountants and certified tax accountants can work at the request of the client to prepare the financial statements, reporting materials for the board of directors and parent company as well as disclosure requirements for listed companies (such as annual earnings report, annual securities report, notice of general shareholders’ meeting, etc.). It is also possible to act as an agent on behalf of the client. Please refer to the following link for the consulting for the preparation of disclosure requirements.


Advisory Service for Strategic Management Accounting and Cost Accounting Introduction

Except for a few large businesses, there are many companies that do not perform proper management accounting and have insufficient cost accounting systems. The main reason for this is that there is no clear purpose in mind, and this leads to inability to select the appropriate approach. The goal then is to build the best and most suitable cost accounting system that fits the purpose of the business, apply strategic management accounting, and “coordinate and match” management accounting with financial accounting. Our certified public accountants and tax accountants who have abundant experience in the field can provide support by looking thoroughly into the practical situation of the client and introducing the strategic management and cost accounting method appropriate for the business. Please refer to the following link for the details of our consulting services for cost accounting.


Advisory Service for Business Process Establishment and Improvement

Our advisory team will analyze whether the work of each department of the client company is running smoothly and identify any issues in the business process. Our firm’s consultants who are certified public accountants and tax accountants experienced in various fields will support the construction and improvement of the workflow necessary to carry out the work in a more efficient manner.

Service Features

Able to provide a wide range of services even to listed companies or companies preparing for an IPO

Shiodome Partners has a significant number of certified public accountants and tax accountants who are familiar with IPO-related operations. When it comes to companies preparing for an IPO, the development of the accounting section is said to be extremely important. Thus, we strive to provide a one-stop accounting advisory service that even takes into consideration the proper disclosure requirements that comply with the Companies Act and the Financial Instrument and Exchange Act. Furthermore, we can continue to provide a strong support even after the IPO and when the company has already been listed.

Quick support with a sense of urgency

Shiodome Partners has various consultants specializing in the accounting field such as a certified public accountants and tax accountants of young average age in the industry and are agile and proactive in their work. In order to formulate an accounting policy and put it into actual practice, it is important to act quickly to avoid wasting valuable time. In accounting advisory work as well, we promise to provide support with a sense of urgency.

Able to handle various consultations such as month-end closing, quarterly financial results, consolidated financial statement, etc.

A large number of certified public accountants and tax accountants in Shiodome Partners are experts when it comes to monthly and quarterly closing procedures and consolidation of financial statements. We can respond to the needs of clients from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises. For group companies that are highly diversified, it is necessary to consider tax related matters from proper tax planning to consolidated tax payments for the entire group. We can support you as accounting experts regarding the various tax concerns for currently diversifying corporate activities.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners has many bilingual staff who are fluent in English and Chinese. Recently, foreign-affiliated companies are expanding into Japan and Japanese companies are expanding overseas. For such cases, we support accounting-related work using English and Chinese, and we have been receiving great support from our clients for this.