About our HR Advisory Services


Services for Development and Application of Personnel Regulations

We provide support for the development and application of work and other personnel-related regulations. Establishing the work regulation is important to create a work environment that allows employees to fully demonstrate their abilities and ambitions.

Most of the individual labor disputes that have increased dramatically these days are caused by inadequate personnel regulations and poor personnel operations. It is possible to prevent these problems before they occur by developing the proper regulations and effectively managing the personnel activities.


Consulting for Employee Compensation System

An excellent compensation system for a company leads to employee growth and improved business performance. We at Shiodome Partners will do our best to support the creation of a personnel salary system for the development of both the business and its employees.

First, we need to confirm that the existing compensation system is indeed functioning, then, we will search for any significant issues when it comes to employee performance evaluation and rating systems, and from there, create a better personnel evaluation system. After the implementation, we will examine whether the personnel evaluation was performed properly, and we will give priority on the feedback.

Consultants, such as social insurance and labor advisors, who are experienced in the creation and development of personnel compensation systems for various professions, will support the establishment and improvement of personnel compensation systems necessary for the efficient business operations.


Retirement Related Services

It is considered a significant loss for a company whenever talented employees who were trained on the job decide to leave the company. This is one of the major management issues which a company usually tries to address: how to keep the employee turnover rate to a minimum. One measure available to address this issue is to create an employee retirement plan.

If retirement benefits are not guaranteed by the company, uncertainty about working for company in the future may cause adverse effects such as a decline in sense of belonging and a drop in employee motivation. Even for venture companies, it is necessary to consider introducing a retirement benefit plan when the business scale begins to expand, and the organizational structure is in place.

We can provide advice on how to create basic regulations that will be the basis for implementing the retirement benefit plan, and how to prepare the financial resources needed for payout upon employee retirement.


Career Consulting Services

In a working environment which is changing drastically due to the aging of the workforce and the diversification of work practices, we provide employees with the opportunity to receive expert advice on their long-term career plan. By encouraging employee retention and skill improvement, we will help create an organization where both companies and employees can grow together.


HR Due Diligence

HR due diligence refers to investigating and assessing the qualitative aspects related to the “human resources” of a target company during situations such as a merger or acquisition.

We can support in making the M&A a success by focusing on “people” as part of business resources which leads us to conducting research on management philosophy and strategy, organizational and employee structure, system status, welfare and employment conditions, legal compliance, HR and organizational culture assessment, etc.


Advisory Services for the Grant/Incentive Application

Companies are grateful for government grants and incentives that do not require repayment and are not subject to interest rates. Every year, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan issues several of these grants and incentives, and most of these can be availed regardless of industry.

However, most business owners have not applied for these since they are not aware what grants or incentives are available in the first place. Even if the owners are aware of these, it may be difficult to receive the benefits due the requirements needed for the application. To be qualified to apply for a grant or incentive, a company would need to pass several conditions, many of which would require the submission and certification of plans, programs, etc. of the business. It is also necessary to check the schedule beforehand to know the application period for the grants and incentives issued by the government.

Shiodome Partners can continuously provide advice from the introduction of the grant system to the application procedure of the grant or incentive available for your business.

Service Features

Our HR consultants create the HR system design from a management perspective

Shiodome Partners has HR consultants with various backgrounds, but they have the common stance of dealing with system design from a management perspective. We aim to provide advisory services from the standpoint of total optimization, not partial optimization; and medium- to long-term perspectives, rather than short-term perspectives.

Quick support with a sense of urgency

Shiodome Partners has a group of consultants of young average age in the industry who are agile and motivated to do their work. We believe that speed is extremely important when it comes to consulting and thus, we do our best to deliver our HR advisory work as quickly as possible.

Extensive support for companies preparing for an IPO

Shiodome Partners has a several number of consultants who are familiar with IPO (Initial Public Offering) related operations. The HR field is an important area that companies pursuing an IPO should consider. We can provide one-stop HR advisory services that take into consideration the impact of your HR management system on J-SOX (an internal control evaluation system) and internal control system development and we will strive to support your business until its initial public offering.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners has many bilingual staff who are fluent in English and Chinese. Recently, foreign-affiliated companies are expanding into Japan. In addition, the number of Japanese company employees that are seconded to overseas subsidiaries is increasing. To accommodate these cases, we offer our HR-related services in English and Chinese, and we can also provide international HR-related advisory services.