About our Labor Advisory Services


Labor Advisory Services

There are several things that needs to be considered when it comes to hiring employees for your business. This would include preparing the necessary documents such as employment contracts and employee lists; setting the work conditions and salary system; arranging the time management system; maintaining the company rules; and performing other related employer tasks.

Shiodome Partners works together with professionals such as lawyers and administrative scriveners specializing with labor relations to provide labor advisory services regardless of the type of consultation.


Labor Due Diligence

Labor due diligence refers to investigating and assessing the quantitative aspects related to the “human resources” of a target company during a merger or acquisition. We can support in making the M&A a success by focusing on “people” as part of business resources which leads us to conducting surveys on employee work patterns and working hours management, work rules and labor law related procedures, labor claims, labor issues, occupational health and safety and other matters related to the labor standards inspection office.


Labor Audit Services

Labor Audit Service checks the overall wellbeing of the company’s workforce and it focuses on the qualitative, quantitative, or both aspects of the client’s overall human resources and labor. This is an audit service that is used to understand in advance the labor risks hidden in a company and take countermeasures by investigating whether or not the actual state of labor management status of the company conforms to various rules of the Labor Law.


Mental Health-Related Services

Mental health is often associated to “psychological health” and “emotional health.” In modern society, it is not uncommon for employees to develop depression due to poor mental health. We can provide advice on creating a work environment that prevents employees from experiencing mental health problems (prevention), following up with employees if ever they fall into depression (rehabilitation), and introducing improvement plans (countermeasure) that would enable employees to engage in work with sound mental health in the future.

Service Features

Aims to increase corporate value through labor management

Labor management helps maintain the human resources of a company thus playing an important role in the enterprise. Most importantly, managing the labor of the company would reduce the labor risk which would then increase the overall corporate value. At Shiodome Partners, we strive to strengthen a company’s management foundation related its “human” resources and we aim to provide advisory services from a medium- to long-term perspective, with a view of improving the corporate value of a company.

Quick support with a sense of urgency

Shiodome Partners has a group of consultants of young average age in the industry who are agile and motivated to do their work. We believe that speed is extremely important when it comes to consulting and thus, we do our best to deliver our Labor advisory work as quickly as possible.

Extensive support for companies preparing for an IPO

Shiodome Partners has a several number of consultants who are familiar with IPO (Initial Public Offering) related operations. The Labor section is an important area that companies pursuing an IPO should consider. We can provide one-stop Labor advisory services that take into consideration the impact on J-SOX (an internal control evaluation system) and internal control system development and we will strive to support your business until its initial public offering.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners has many bilingual staff who are fluent in English and Chinese. Recently, foreign-affiliated companies are expanding into Japan. In addition, the number of Japanese company employees that are seconded to overseas subsidiaries is increasing. To accommodate these cases, we offer our labor-related services in English and Chinese, and we can also provide international labor-related advisory services.