About our Tax Advisory Services


Tax Reporting and Consultation Service

Our group’s Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation is dedicated in performing tax procedures on behalf of our clients. We can prepare tax returns for corporate tax, consumption tax, business tax, resident tax, and other taxes, both for long-term clients with an advisory agreement with us, and for one-time clients. Regarding various tax consultations, we will provide support in various means such as appropriate tax planning, tax-risk management proposals, and measures to maximize corporate value based on the latest tax system.


Property Tax and Inheritance Tax Planning Service

Our group will provide one-stop support for property tax measures, inheritance tax measures, and preparation of wills. For property tax measures, we will offer proposals to provide effective management and operation of property and as well as measures to prepare for future activities. As for inheritance tax measures, we will take measures so that people who want to leave their property can ensure that the property will be handed over properly. By systematically proceeding with either, our clients will be able to choose from a range of options and select what benefits them the most. Our experienced team of certified public accountants and tax accountants can help with planning this ahead, with the aim of smooth asset transfers, and future tax payments and business succession, etc.


International Tax Planning Service

Recent years have shown how globalization has become an inevitable part of business expansion. Our Group is continuously working to provide support services for the overseas expansion of domestic businesses and overseas businesses in Japan by proposing measures to reduce the tax risks associated with international transactions such as transfer pricing and tax haven systems. Together with our international network, we aim to provide the best possible service to our clients. For more information on our international tax services, please click here.


Consolidated Tax Planning Service

Tax consolidation is an effective option for considering the appropriate tax planning for diversified group of companies. In addition, by choosing to consolidate the taxes, our consultants such as certified public accountants and certified tax accountants, who are experts in this area, can provide optimal advisory services for further expansion and slimming down of group companies. For more information on our consolidated tax planning services, please click here.

Service Features

Able to provide a wide range of services even to listed companies or companies preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Shiodome Partners has a significant number of certified public accountants and tax accountants who are familiar with IPO-related operations. When it comes to companies preparing for an IPO, the development of the tax section is said to be extremely important. Thus, we strive to provide a one-stop tax advisory service that even takes into consideration the proper disclosure requirements that comply with the Companies Act and the Financial Instrument and Exchange Act. Furthermore, we can continue to provide a strong support even after the IPO and when the company has already been listed.

Quick support with a sense of urgency

Shiodome Partners has a group of tax consultants specializing in the field such as tax accountants of young average age in the industry and are agile and proactive in their work. In order to effectively develop tax policies, it is important to create the tax measures early on. A quick response is important when it comes to tax advisory, which is why we promise to provide immediate support for our clients.

Able to address your concerns about various tax issues

Our team at Shiodome Partners includes tax accountants who are familiar with different tax issues such as international taxation and consolidated tax payments. Nowadays, international corporate activities are not only affected by Japan’s tax laws, but also the laws of other involved countries. In addition, for diversified group companies, it is necessary to consider consolidated tax payments from proper tax planning for the entire group. We can provide expert advice through various tax consultations on diversifying modern business activities.

Able to offer multilingual services and support

Shiodome Partners is also home to bilingual staff proficient in major languages such as English and Chinese. Recent years have seen an increase in both foreign business expansions into Japan and overseas business expansions of Japanese enterprises. In such an environment, we are proud to offer our tax services in English and Chinese to be able to further support our clients.