About our Accounting Service

Regardless of form (company or individual), businesses are obliged to keep accounting books. However, it may be difficult for companies to maintain their books especially if the staff that would focus on bookkeeping are limited. If you outsource your bookkeeping work to our company, you can concentrate on your core business, and we will take charge of the accounting books and financial statements.


Basic Bookkeeping Service

Clients may choose to provide information to us in a simple Excel sheet, or mail us a copy of the passbook, invoice, receipt etc. and we will record it in our accounting software. From this, we can prepare a trial balance and provide it to our client. We can adjust the timing of receiving the materials and the number of days to prepare the trial balance according to the client’s request. It is also possible to create a management letter as monthly meeting materials, etc., if necessary.


Bookkeeping services as part of a larger BPO service

Bookkeeping is an important task that is the foundation for proper accounting books and proper financial and tax filing. Recently, more SMEs are looking at BPOs (business process outsourcing) to upstream processes on their behalf.

The following tasks can also be outsourced:

  • Payments (cash, bank transfer)
  • Invoice preparation
  • Payroll calculation
  • Social insurance work

As the work here is closely tied to bookkeeping, outsourcing these tasks would make the process much more efficient and effective.


Bookkeeping service using cloud software

When outsourcing bookkeeping as part of the BPO service mentioned above, it is necessary to maximize the use of a cloud system to improve both work efficiency and accuracy. For example, by linking internet banking to cloud accounting software, creating entries can be done faster and more accurately. In addition, by using payroll calculation cloud software, it is possible to obtain more upstream employee information, social insurance information, etc. through automatic linkage to improve efficiency. Since the bank account is also linked, the payroll results are automatically reflected in the accounting software, which can help in closing the books monthly much faster.

In our case, if we were to use a cloud software (see example below), we could definitely contribute to our client’s business efficiency.

Task Software
Accounting MoneyForward (MF) Cloud Accounting
Cloud Accounting freee
Expense Processing MoneyForward (MF) Cloud Expense
Cloud Expense freee
Payroll Calculation MoneyForward (MF) Cloud Payroll
Cloud HR freee
Quoting and Invoicing MoneyForward (MF) Cloud Invoice
Billing Management Robo
Individual Number (My Number) Management MoneyForward (MF) Cloud My Number
My Number Management freee
Attendance Management King of Time
JobCan Attendance Management
HR Management (including Individual Number management features) Smart HR
JobCan HR
Recruitment JobCan Labor Management

Service Features

Quick support with a sense of urgency

With a relatively young average age, Shiodome Partners’ members are active and light on their feet. Speedy response is important when doing bookkeeping, which is why we promise to provide quick support for our clients.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners is also home to bilingual staff proficient in major languages such as English and Chinese. Recent years have seen an increase in foreign business expansions into Japan. On the other hand, more employees from Japanese entities are being sent to work in overseas locations. In such an environment, we are proud to offer our accounting services in English and Chinese to be able to further support our clients.

Capable of using different cloud accounting software

Shiodome Partners can work not only on various standalone accounting software but also cloud accounting software. More and more cloud accounting software has been developed in recent years. For example, MF Cloud Accounting can be linked with MF’s own salary and expense management software. Pioneering local cloud accounting software in Japan is “freee”. A cloud version of the Yayoi accounting software owning more than 70% of accounting software shares is also available.

By using cloud accounting software, it is possible for our clients to check their accounting records in real-time. Linking salaries and bank account records to cloud accounting software increases efficiency. We also support the introduction of or migration into the appropriate cloud accounting software for our clients.