About our Minutes, Registration, and Licensing Service


Minutes and other Companies Act-related Document Drafting Service

We at Shiodome Partners will support the procedures for convening at a shareholders’ meeting and the meeting of the Board of Directors, as well as the preparation of minutes, as required by the Companies Act. The content in the minutes related to the company’s status is important especially for companies aiming for an IPO. Shiodome Partners is home to professionals who are familiar with corporate legal affairs to prevent problems for the IPO.


Commercial, Real Estate Registration Service

Shiodome Partners can support a wide range of commercial registration processes from the establishment a company (kabushiki-kaisha, goudou-kaisha, and other company types), to the change of company details (trade name, purpose, capital), to reorganization and dissolution/liquidation. In addition, we can also work on a wide range of real estate registration processes, from rewriting of registered names through real estate sales, gifts, and inheritance, to registration of mortgages for mortgage repayment.


Company Incorporation Support Service

At Shiodome Partners, we have an experienced team of administrative scriveners and judicial scriveners to assist our clients in incorporating their businesses. Our certified public accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, judicial scriveners, social insurance labor consultants, and administrative scriveners all work together to provide service for the client. We don’t just focus on incorporating the business, but taking into consideration the client’s business plan, we also offer the best options for our clients when it comes to start-up financing and tax-saving measures.


Residence Status Application and Renewal Service

We at Shiodome Partners have handled many cases of residence status (visa) applications of different types for individuals living overseas. Although it is not impossible to apply for a status of residence on your own, the visa application process is complicated. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of denied applications due to applicants who do not understand Japanese and thus failing to present their case properly to the immigration offices, regardless of whether they submitted the necessary documents.

An administrative scrivener with a wealth of experience will act on our clients’ behalf in obtaining and renewing various types of residence statuses (visas) for foreign nationals in a quick and reliable manner. In addition, we also provide advice for those aiming for visa renewals. We will guide and support our clients so that they will be able to meet the requirements needed to obtain the visa.


License Processing Service

Licenses refer to the permits, authorization, etc. that can be obtained by performing certain procedures with administrative agencies such as police stations, public health centers, and prefectural governments in order to carry out specific businesses. It is important to be aware that doing business without obtaining the necessary permits may result in criminal penalties. To allow the business to start smoothly and let its employees devote more time into their core business, you can let our experienced consultants perform various licensing applications on your behalf.

A one-stop service made by the combined efforts of professionals

Shiodome Partners is made-up of many lawyers, judicial scriveners, and administrative scriveners with a wealth of experience and achievements. We have a system in place for them to be able to provide a wide range of legal services for a one-stop service. Thanks to this, we are able to combine the knowledge and experience of multiple experts to provide our clients the best advice.

Providing complete legal services for different stages (M&A, reorganization, IPO, etc.)

M&As, restructuring, IPOs, etc. are becoming important means for corporations to be able to reach their “maximum corporate value”. Shiodome Partners has a large number of consultants who are familiar with related operations such as these processes and is able to provide one-stop legal services for our clients.,

Quick support with a sense of urgency

With a relatively young average age, Shiodome Partners’ members are active and light on their feet. Speedy response is important for consulting, which is why we promise to provide quick support and legal advisory for our clients.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners is also home to bilingual staff proficient in major languages such as English and Chinese. Recent years have seen an increase in foreign business expansions into Japan. We support businesses in preparing their minutes, as well as registration and licensing procedures for foreign nationals and their companies in English and Chinese. In such an environment, we are proud to offer our social insurance-related services in English and Chinese to be able to further support our clients.