Financial Consulting Service

Finances are in important indicator of health for every business, which can help or hinder your company’s success. Our accounting and finance team specializes in providing effective solutions in accordance to your establishment’s specific objectives and circumstances.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

We provide IPO consulting services according to each stage of development: establishment period, leaped period, and pre-opening period.

Cost Accounting

Controlling and limiting costs are essential to maintaining and enhancing your business’s financial stability and profitability. Accurate identification and calculation of company costs benefit the development of your business, aid in proper budget/expenditure planning, and boost cost efficiency.

JSOX (Japanese Sarbanes Oxley Law)

Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, more commonly known as JSOX, require all businesses to adhere to specific standards for internal control of financial reporting. This is done to protect investors and ensure accurate and reliable corporate disclosures. We can ensure that your company stays in compliance at all times, thereby preventing potential criminal litigation and penalties.

Internal Audit & Assurance

The Internal audit is an important tool for providing accurate insights into the current state of your business. It can expose fraud and overlooked errors, highlight the processes and procedures that are beneficial or profitable, and provide a useful guide for improving company management and charting the future aspirations of your enterprise.

Corporate Disclosure

Our experienced certified public accountants can simplify the process of preparing and submitting of all types of company disclosures, which include securities reports, quarterly reports, financial summaries, convocation notices, and more. We can work with your in-house accounting team on an advisory level or w8e can administer the entire process at your convenience.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

Shiodome Partners Group is IFRS certified, with extensive experience in helping businesses adopt and implement IFRS accounting and reporting guidelines. This standard is generally recommended for globally oriented companies who seek to maintain international competitiveness and attract international investors.

Valuation – Due Diligence

We provide comprehensive Valuation and Due Diligence services, such as stock value calculation (for Mergers & Acquisitions and finance) and Due Diligence for financial, tax, personnel, labor, and legal affairs.