Business Support Solutions

The challenges companies face today are diverse and ever-changing. The realities of the current business environment require knowledge, experience, and versatility. Helping your business adapt and succeed is our governing principle at Shiodome Partners Group. We offer innovative Business Support solutions to accommodate the needs of your enterprise and accomplish your corporate objectives and aspirations.

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

We counsel businesses from the pre M & A to the post M & A stages and facilitate the resolution of various issues such as: business succession, due diligence, contract negotiations, financial advising, and coordinating the involvement of securities firms, banks, and VCs. As a rule, we always factor in any unique circumstances in the process of proposing a feasible solution for your company.

Outbound Support/Overseas Corporate Expansion

Taking your company to the next level by expanding business operations can be an exciting endeavor filled with potential opportunities and unexpected pitfalls. Here at Shiodome Partners Group, we truly understand the impact of knowledge, experience, and relationship building when you choose to expand your business internationally. We can assist you with planning and executing your expansion plans by providing guidance and counsel on international corporate and accounting laws, conducting detailed marketing analysis of your target market, proposing advantageous market entry strategies, and more.

Inbound Support/Local Corporate Expansion

Shiodome Partners Group offers comprehensive Inbound Support services for international companies looking to establish a business presence in Japan. We can assist in all areas that are relevant to your expansion plans, whether it’s to conduct local market analyisis and propose market entry strategies; provide real estate/leasing services; advise on the best form of incorporation for your establishment; provide qualified counsel on local business, labor, and tax regulations; conduct essential company operations on your behalf, and much more.

Business Financing Advisory & Support

We provide extensive advisory and support services for obtaining business financing from various sources, which include bank loans, startup funding from VCs and/or Angels, and more. Our consultants can guide you through every step of the process, whether it’s reviewing your business plan or helping you comply with financing requirements.

Life Insurance

In selecting the right life insurance policy, one must always consider the unique financial circumstances and the potential impact on tax liabilities for every individual. We offer a vast selection of customizable insurance policies to suit your financial and tax objectives—without sacrificing the protection for what you value most.

Real Estate Services

Shiodome Partners Group provides extensive real estate services for businesses, which include (but are not limited to) the following: buying or selling properties, mediation, property leasing and management, overseas and domestic real estate consulting and investment, second-hand housing revitalization projects, rent guarantees, and more.