Q1. What are the benefits of hiring foreign nationals?

A1. Hiring foreign employees can give you the following benefits:

  • Hiring foreign employees can help in globalizing your businesses
  • Many foreign nationals have a high level of skills in their field of work and are very diligent, which can create an atmosphere of self-motivation and improvement within the company
  • With their unique perspectives, they can offer more ideas in the creation and development of new businesses
  • There is a vast amount of young foreign talent to choose from as Japan’s work force is slowly aging.
Q2. When hiring foreign nationals, what should we pay special attention to?

A2. It is necessary to consider the following points:

  • Understand that there are differences in cultures and customs
  • Due to the language barrier, there are times where it may be difficult to effectively communicate with each other.
  • Even if a foreigner wants to be hired, without an appropriate residence status, the company may not be able to hire them
  • There are required procedures to be done after hiring foreign nationals, such as submitting notifications to the Employment Services Center
  • Careful attention is required when checking the status of residence for those who have changed jobs, and for managing the period of stay for employees who are currently being employed
Q3. When hiring a foreign national, what other procedures related to residence statuses is necessary?

A3. The following procedures and training are required:

  • Applying for different social insurance systems
  • Filing notification to the Employment Services Center regarding the hiring of a foreign national
  • Orientations and various trainings (regarding business tasks, Japanese language, etc.)
  • Guidance regarding lifestyle, safety and health (at work)
Q4. Can Shiodome Partners apply for a status of residence on our behalf?

A4. Yes, we offer various services. For more information on support for status of residence applications, you may refer to our “Working Visa Application Services (https://shiodome.co.jp/foreign-worker-employment/en/service/)” page.

Q5. Why should we choose Shiodome Partners?

A5. While each of our clients have their own reasons and decisive factors, we believe you should choose us for the following reasons:

  • High probability of application approval
    Currently, 97% of our clients who have utilized our residence status support services have had their applications approved.
    As we accumulate more experience and know-how, our approval rate has also steadily increased in recent years.
  • Speedy and Honest
    The employee-in-charge of your case will respond to your inquiries promptly and politely.
    We also have many repeating customers as well as referral customers.
  • Multilingual support
    We can communicate with you in English, Chinese, and Korean.
  • One-stop service
    In addition to visas, our group can also handle accounting, taxation, labor (human resources), law, trademark patents, and registration. If you leave the back-office work to us, we will share the information and materials necessary for each procedure internally, reducing the time needed to respond to our clients.
Q6. Can you guarantee confidentiality when it comes to personal information and documents?

A6. Of course. The information and materials you provide us will be used only for the purpose for which you requested, and will not be used without permission for other purposes. We also have internal controls and restrictions in place so that only common information is accessible by all departments.

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