We offer a visa application support service to help companies seeking foreign talent or companies employing foreign employees. For companies who are new to employing foreign nationals; unfamiliar with how to apply for, change, or renew residence statuses; or simply are just worried about the increased work load with an increase of foreign employees, please consider asking us for help. Our experienced team will provide you support for obtaining status of residence.

Types of residence status and services provided by our company


<Primary Working Statuses We Offer Support For>

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services; Highly Skilled Professional; Intra-company transferee; Business Manager; etc.

<Other Residence Statuses We Offer Support For>

Dependent; Spouse or Child of Japanese National; Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident; Permanent Resident; etc.

<Full Application Service Package Option>

  • Complete Application Support
    Complete support for application, from preparation and submission of application documents, including the acceptance of new resident cards.
    ※ We can only claim new resident cards for renewal or change applications.
  • <Partial Application Service Options>

  • Preparation of documents for application including the application form for residence status. We can prepare the necessary documents depending on the residence status and type of applications.
  • Application and receiving of documents issued by government (city, ward, etc.) offices
    After signing a “power of attorney” drafted by our company, we can claim your documents on your behalf.
  • Claiming of Resident Cards after residence status renewal or change applications are approved, applicants need to get their new resident cards. Depending on the time and day you claim it, the waiting time for pick-up is about 2-6 hours.
  • Translation of Documents from Japanese
    We can translate documents submitted relevant to the application for status of residence (such as graduation certificates, etc.) into English, Chinese, or Korean.
    ※ Rather than translating the whole document, only sections that will be reviewed during the application will be translated.
  • Review of Application Documents
    We will review the application documents prepared by your company and provide advice on what can be corrected.

【A typical example of someone who is unfamiliar with Residence Status Applications】

Company A will utilize our complete application support, which means we will handle the entire process from creating the application documents, submitting, and obtaining a status of residence. When the residence status is about to expire soon, full application support will be available to Company A once again. While the documents required for renewing are less than what Company A would need for new applications, the process is different. After the 2nd renewal onwards (or for a second foreign national who will apply for a residence status) depending on the company’s policy, Company A may either do the entire application or renewal process internally or outsource parts of it (partial application services, or outsource it entirely)

<Flow of Services Provided Under the Full Application Support>


[When you want to minimize the cost even if it takes time, and increase the chance of approval]

Let’s say Company A is either a “newly established Japanese corporation” or a “relatively small company” and would like to handle the application process as much as possible internally, but at the same time they want to increase their chances for the application to be approved. As a result, they use our document review services. Fast forward and Company A have now started to grow, with all the increased workload Company A is now incapable of dedicating meaningless time towards filing applications. Not enough preparation was made for hiring all the new foreign talent, so they decide to switch to our full support.

Regardless of whether you use our whole or partial service, our staff can directly communicate with foreign nationals in English, Chinese, or Korean, and work on your application, so there is no reason to worry about the language barrier.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your status of residence, you may also take a look at our Foreigner Worker Employment Services (https://shiodome.co.jp/foreign-worker-employment/en/service1/) page. For companies who have foreign employees whose residence statuses will expire soon, please refer to our Residence Status Management Advisory Services page (https://shiodome.co.jp/foreign-worker-employment/en/service2/). You may also refer to the “Validity Date Management Advisory Service” page if you would like to learn more about how important it is to manage the validity period as well as be aware of a the residence status’ expiration date.

Our company has a team of administrative scriveners, as well as licensed foreign national employment managers and foreign national employment chief managers who are well-versed when it comes to residence statuses and foreign employment. If you have any questions or troubles regarding residence statuses, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, when hiring a foreigner, there are some labor procedures that differ from when a company hires a Japanese national. Along with our labor-related services, you may also refer to the following labor advisory site (https://shiodome.co.jp/services/advisory/labor-management/) for more information.

Flow of Consultation