Our Foreign Worker Employee Advisory Services caters to those who have questions about their status of residence.

Unlike Japanese nationals who can start working following a mutual agreement between them and their employer, foreigners cannot work in Japan unless they have the appropriate residence status. Due to this restriction, it is important to consider which residence status is appropriate for each foreign national if they want to work in Japan. As of March 2020, there are 29 types of residence statuses, each with different requirements.

It is not easy for foreigners to understand the complexity of residency status applications in Japan. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to collect, confirm, and consider the necessary information on the residency status.

In today’s society where globalization is speeding up, there are many companies that are considering expanding foreign employment and are seeking advice on hiring. On the other hand, there are many companies that are hesitant to hire foreign nationals because they are unfamiliar with what residence status to apply for, or the application process itself.

Our team has experience receiving various questions and providing consultations about the status of residence not only from those who contact us for the first time, but even from our clients who are already receiving our accounting, tax, or labor consulting services. If you are experiencing the issues below in your company, or would like to know more about the service, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form or give us a call.

  • Those in HR and foreigners who wish to apply for a status of residence but do not know much about their status of residence
  • Unfamiliar with how to process a change in residence status when a foreign employee gets either married or divorced
  • Those who want to have a visa (residence status) specialist who they can consult anytime
  • Those who have tried other firms but have not found a solution related to their concerns
  • Those that want to check in advance if a foreign national who they want to offer a job can obtain a status of residence
  • Those that do not know which status of residence applies to a foreigner who they will be hiring
  • Those planning on hiring foreign employees or increasing the number of our foreign employees

Our services are not limited only to advisory, we also provide services for the actual application process.

Please refer to the following for our application processing services.

  • Our company will take care of everything from preparation to the application itself.
  • If you need to claim the new residence card at the Immigration Services Agency after your application has been approved, we will be able to claim the new card on your behalf.
  • Eliminate the risk of the application not being approved due to incomplete documents for applications made by the foreign nationals themselves.
  • Our support is also available outside of Tokyo.

Our company has a team of experienced administrative scriveners, as well as licensed foreign national employment managers and foreign national employment chief managers who are familiar with how residence statuses and foreign employment works. If you have any questions or concerns regarding residence statuses, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, there are a few differences in labor procedures when hiring a foreigner vs hiring a Japanese national. If you are interested in our labor-related services, you may refer to the following page ( for more information.

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