We can represent or act as a proxy on behalf of your company for various legal and general affairs.

  • Acquiring of corporate register, seal certificates, and other similar documents
    We can process your document requests at the Legal Affairs Bureau on your behalf.
  • Acquiring of personal residence certificates, tax payment certificates, and other similar documents
    We can process your document requests at the municipal office on your behalf.
  • Support for opening corporate bank accounts
    Clients already using our accounting and tax advisory services can open a corporate account with our affiliated major bank with our help.
  • Payment processing
    We can set-up payments through the corporate bank account.
  • Interpretation (accompanied interpretation possible)
    If you are finding it difficult to communicate with your foreign employees or officers, or if you would like an interpreter to accompany you, our staff can help.
    ※ We can interpret in English, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Consultation regarding other matters related to living in Japan
    We provide support for foreign employees to solve any problems or answer any questions they may have while staying in Japan.
  • Management and Custody of Seals and Passbooks
    We can store your valuable documents and items such as seals, inkan (seal) cards and passbooks in our safe. If you are concerned about the safekeeping of these items (e.g. there is no appropriate space in the office to store them), you can feel at ease knowing we will be able to keep these valuables safe and secure.
  • Mailing of Documents
    We can handle mailing your documents for you, whether they are bound for addresses in Japan or overseas. While mailing seems like a simple task, it can be very time consuming when you need to enter addresses correctly, calculate the postal fees, as well as having to physically go to the post office for any tasks that are required over the counter. If there is a large quantity of documents that need to be mailed, the time needed to mail these documents can take much longer. By outsourcing your mailing to us, you can focus on work that will directly benefit your business instead of allotting time in performing these simple tasks.

Flow of Consultation