A Consultant’s Blog on Doing Business in Japan

Number of Enquiries from 2017 to 2020 (Summer) for Inbound Incorporations in Japan

This is a comprehensive chart showing the number of enquiries related to company registration in Japan. These enquiries are in English. The data was gathered from 2017 until summer of 2020. The enquiries shown in these data are made either...

Post- COVID-19 Trends in Company Registration and Visa Applications : Part 1 (Enquiries from North America, Europe, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific Region excluding China, Taiwan, and South Korea)

The interruption of businesses brought about by flight cancellations and temporary closures of businesses as requested by the government has affected the economy in general. As a result, many companies are in red. Some entities have even shut down their...

A Summary Overview of our Incorporation Cases during the Pre-Corona Virus Pandemic: Incorporation Cases from the Americas, Australasia, and Europe from 2015 to Year 2019

Upon joining the company in 2015, I was working for the international department as an assistant consultant. During my first two years, I can still remember that the number of enquiries on setting up a company in Japan is not...

The Skills and Realizations I Learned After Becoming a Consultant

Working as a consultant for Shiodome Partners, I came to realize three important things about my job; (1) It is not about the language. It is about how the language is appropriately and strategically used in the communication process. In...

Challenges and Lessons I Learned as a Consultant

Working for the legal department of a Japanese tax and accounting company is daunting for a foreign national like me. For one, the nature and number of cases are uniquely diverse, while the other asks for the applicability of pertinent...
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