Interview for how to set up company

Management Service

I have checked your website and called. I have a couple of questions.

Thank you for calling us. I am in charge of company establishment and visa applications.

I am a foreigner who would like to establish a company in Japan. Is this possible?

Yes, of course it is possible. Basically, there are three things you need to prepare for company establishment.

Could you please tell me what I need ?

First, you will need to put/deposit the capital of the new company to a Japanese bank account. Second, you will also need to prepare the address in Japan where the company will be registered. Finally, you will need the signature certificates of your directors and shareholders currently residing outside of Japan notarized as one of the requirements for the registration of your new company

OK, but I do not have a Japanese bank account. Is it possible if I go to a bank to open an account when I travel to Japan next time?

Well. It is hard. There are a few banks that provide opening accounts for non-residents of Japan. However, there is a way to establish a company even if you cannot open an account. For instance, do you have a reliable friend or relative in Japan? If you do, it is possible to establish a company. You will only need to transfer the capital amount to that person’s bank account.

Yes, I know some friends who live in Japan. But I am concerned that the capital amount is huge. I would not like to ask them for these things in case if something happened … Is there any other way?

In that case, we have a service that can provide you with a temporary capital deposit account. However, please be advised that you will be signing a 6-month accounting and tax advisory services with us as part of the service package.

It will be very helpful if you provide an account. Please tell me more about this service.

OK. We can provide you a bank account which you will be required to remit the capital through this account. In addition, our company representative director shall also act as one of your co-representative directors.

Co/Joint Representative Director? Why?

There are two reasons. One reason is that when you capitalize a person’s account other than the shareholder, that person mandatorily needs to be as well as one of the representative directors. The other reason is to make your corporate account opening as smoothly as possible after company establishment. When opening a corporate account, if the representative director is a non-resident of Japan, the application is highly likely to be declined.

“Please ask for more specific detail.”

Really! But I’m worried about asking favor from a local representative director whom I do not know …

No problem! Because the temporary representative director of the Japanese company will resign immediately after corporate account opening.

Does he surely resign? I worry a bit. Also, I have to look for an address for the company.

That’s right. We can also provide you the company’s office address.

Really? How do you provide?

It is a virtual office which can be used for your company registration. However, if you are planning to apply for a visa, please be advised that a proper physical office will be required.

I need to establish a company is in a hurry and I definitely would like to avail your company’s temporary address services. If I decide to apply for a visa, I plan to change the address before prior to application. Eventually, I also look into the prospect of signing an accounting advisory contract with your company.

Yes, I will be happy to introduce to you our company’s accounting and tax services.

Please tell me the your accounting fees and the term of the contract.

Our accounting fee varies according to your projected business scale, so if you are interested, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange you an appointment. Additionally, the term of your contract will be one year. Additionally, the contract from the second term is free of charge..

I see. You can provide me a bank account for initial start-up, an address, and also an accountant. For these services, I will be more than happy if you can let me know the overall fee.
Lastly, I would like to know more about the business manager visa application procedure and requirements in the future.