A provider of incorporation and visa application services aimed at foreign entities, Shiodome Partners Gyoseishoshi Corporation is a member firm of PKF International (PKFI). A global network of firms that provide accounting and business advisory services to commercial institutions all over the world, PKFI was founded in 1969 by member firms based in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Since then, PKFI has expanded considerably, and currently maintains offices in most major offices worldwide.

Recent years have shown an drastic change in Japan’s economic environment, primarily an increase in foreign individuals and entities establishing businesses and companies in Japan. Aiming to support the startups of top-drawer individuals and provide for the needs of globalized and complex clients, to provide high-quality and efficient services based on latest available information, we have joined global accounting network PKF International as a member firm.

PKFI has two member firms in Japan: Shiodome Partners (Tokyo); and Hibiki Audit Corporation (Osaka). Osaka-based Hibiki Audit Corporation is a respected member of PKFI with a history of over 30 years. In line with our goal of continue growing with our clients and providing valuable services, all audit services for domestic and international clients are provided in full cooperation with Hibiki Audit Corporation.

Name PKF International(PKFI)
Established 1969
Founding offices Pannell Fitzpatrick & Co (UK)
Harris, Kerr, Forster & Co (USA)
Campbell, Sharp, Nash & Field (Canada)
Wilson, Bishop, Bowes & Craig (Australia)
Services Assurance
Business Solutions
Corporate Finance
Hotel Consulting
Regions Over 400 offices, operating in 150 countries across five regions.

Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Indian sub-continent, North America and Caribbean, Latin America, Africa

Website https://www.pkf.com/