Personal Information Protection Policy
Shiodome Partners Limited, Shiodome Partners Tax Co., Shiodome Partners Law Firm, Shiodome Partners SR Co., Shiodome Partners AS Co., Shiodome Sea Agency Firm are hereinafter collectively referred to as “our Group”.

Concerning the personal identification information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) that we hold between our Group, our customers, and all relevant third parties, we hereby declare that our staff is fully aware of the sanctity of Personal Information and will comply fully to the letter of the law. Our Group has established an independent regulation and management system as compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations. We hereby announce our Personal Information Protection Policy as follows:

Personal Information Protection System
In the process of establishing and conducting business relations, our Group will handle and safeguard all personal information according to existing law and the best interests of all parties, as appropriate to current work conditions.

Acquisition of Personal Information
Our Group, upon the acquisition of personal information, will acquire information in a proper and legitimate manner and only to the extent required for completing the transaction.

Purpose of use of Personal Information
Our Group uses personal information only for purposes specified and agreed upon by all parties beforehand. Our Group uses personal information for the following purposes:

  •  Contact for work (job-related)
  •  Execution/implementation of contract (on the provision of information and services)
  •  Improving the quality of our Group information and services
  •  Improving the quality of our Group seminars and lectures etc.

Management of Personal Information
To prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation, and release of personal information, we enacted rational safety management measures and policies regarding unauthorized access, computer viruses, communication procedures, and more. We strictly enforce company policy and will discipline any employee who fails to handle personal information with appropriate care.

Provision of Personal Information
Our Group will not disclose any personal information to a third party unless an exception is granted under the law or with the informed consent of the client.

Continuing Improvement
In establishing an implementation system for our personal information protection policy, we will continuously strive to improve our methods and meet the challenges required by an ever-evolving business and legal landscape.

Disclosure/Correction/Deletion of Personal Information etc.
Our group will respond appropriately to all client requests regarding rights of disclosure, correction, usage termination, elimination, and more on their personal information.