It is common for foreigners to establish their businesses in Japan as either a joint-stock corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha, or K.K. for short) or a limited liability corporation (Godo Kaisha, or G.K. for short). Here we discuss Shiodome Partner’s Incorporation Services as well as our Nominee Services.

Incorporation Services


Through close cooperation between Shiodome Partners’ network of experienced administrative and judicial scriveners and tax accountants, we provide incorporation proxy services to our clients. Those unfamiliar with taxation and visas who are attempting to go through the incorporation process may end up disadvantageously treated when it comes to tax and visa applications. To avoid this, our group will provide you the best possible advice when it comes to matters such as capital amount, number of issued shares, shareholder composition, executive board composition, purposes stated in the articles of incorporation, etc.

Our team at Shiodome Partners also consist of bilingual staff proficient in English and Chinese. Not many Japanese consultancy firms offer their full package of services in English or Chinese. With over a hundred companies incorporated annually, we have received overwhelming support from our clients.

We at Shiodome Partners also offer one-stop support for companies well after their incorporation through our certified public accountants and tax accountants, certified social insurance and labor consultants, and administrative scriveners, offering our accounting, tax, payroll, and HR services. Extensive operational support is available after well after company establishment, such as reporting to tax offices, employment contracts, obtaining status of residence, and obtaining licenses.

The fees we charge for our incorporation services vary depending on the business scheme of our clients and are estimated independent of other clients. For inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Nominee Services

・Resident representative directors (representative) of a Japanese corporation

In recent years, an increasing number of foreign nationals and enterprises have expanded their business into Japan. Some of them want to establish a subsidiary or branch in Japan to engage in marketing activities, while others want to incorporate a Japanese entity to acquire real estate. A major roadblock they once had to overcome is a requirement for Japanese corporations where among their representative directors, one must be a Japanese resident. This requirement was removed as of March 2015 following a revision of the relevant laws.
However, capital contribution done at incorporation ― which is done through an account under a Japanese bank ― presents another problem. This is because Japanese banks currently only allow Japanese residents to open bank accounts. As a result, despite eliminating the legal requirement of at least one resident representative director, a Japanese resident director would still be necessary.

What do we need to be considered a Japanese resident?

To be considered a Japanese resident, a foreign national will need a seal certificate or an officially registered seal issued by the local government of his or her Japanese residence. With the new residency management system taking effect in July 2012, obtaining a seal certificate or a registered seal has become more difficult. Prior to the new system, even foreign nationals without resident cards could be issued seal certificates. Now, a seal certificate or registered seal is only issued if the individual holds a resident status (for example, a business manager visa holder).

< Information on the Basic Resident Registration System for Foreign Residents >

About our services

One of our members will be appointed one of the representative directors of your Japanese corporation as an external officer. After which, we can provide multilingual (Japanese/English/Chinese) accounting and tax services, personnel and labor services, and payment agency services as deemed appropriate. Once you are able to obtain a business manager visa and are formally appointed as resident representative director of the Japanese corporation, we will immediately resign from our position as representative director.

Please take note while the Nominee Director service that is offered in other countries may be similar to the services we describe here, it cannot be entirely likened to the service we provide, due to the characteristics of Japan’s system and certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.

Benefits of the Nominee Service

If multiple representative directors are appointed and among them is a representative director residing in Japan, a different representative director residing in a foreign country can visit Japan for short-term stays for commercial purposes and overseeing management. This can be done without having to obtain a business manager visa and residing in Japan for a longer period.

Therefore, after incorporation, even if the overseas representative director(s) do not obtain business manager residence statuses (visas), it is still possible to do other activities critical to the operations of the company, such as enter into office rent contracts, create home pages, hire employees, etc.

Conditions for offering nominee services

We have a couple of conditions that need to be met prior to the availing of our nominee services. If you would like to inquire regarding our conditions and fees, please call us or contact us via mail.

Flow of Consultation

Kindly contact us via mail or through call. In certain cases where it would be difficult to provide free consultations, we will notify you of the consultation fees during the first meeting. Feel free to inquire with us regarding this.
For consultations regarding business setup in Japan, in practice we would prefer to meet with you personally to discuss the matter. However, we only ask this of our client at their convenience.
Our Proposal
Our Proposal
Following our consultation with you, we will prepare our proposal outlining the services we can offer your company as well as our suggestions regarding your concerns about business setup. This is where we provide you with our fee quotation.
Finalizing Contract
Finalizing Contract
We will prepare a contract based on the proposal and fee quotation we have provided you. Once the contents of the contract have been confirmed, we shall enter into the contract.
Start of Support
Start of Support
Once the contract has been finalized and put into effect, we shall promptly and flexibly begin the business setup consulting based on the proposals made.

Flow of Consultation

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