Our Policy : Well-being

Together with our employees and their families, clients, and local communities and society

We contribute to society by helping our amazing clients do business. In order to contribute to communities and society through our clients, we aim to create a world where every member of our company is Well-being.


We provide the following services.

1. Accounting Outsourcing

We provide outsourcing services focused on accounting to international companies in Japan.

2. Web Development

We offer web development and design services to companies from a variety of countries.

About Us

We are the backbone of our international parent company who holds a client base that is filled with many well-known names. Our firm has many skilled workers who have the ability to outperform the average accountant taking on small to large scale clients. A team of professionals specializing in bookkeeping and web development. We're a proud member of Shiodome Partners Group.


Shiodome Partners (Philippines) Inc.


Aug 8th 2016


President Akinari Tsuchiya


Outsourcing (BPO) Services
Web Development Services


#1404 Cityland Herrera Tower, Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Affiliated Companies

RSM Shiodome Partners Limited
RSM Shiodome Partners Tax Co.
RSM Shiodome Partners SR Co.
RSM Shiodome Partners AS Co.
RSM Shiodome Partners JS Co.
Shiodome Business Solutions Limited.


Akinari Tsuchiya

He joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and engaged in the auditing of listed companies. In 2012, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong / China and worked as a manager of the Japanese business development department to support overseas expansion of Japanese companies in Hong Kong and China. In 2015, he established Lockhart Accounting Office, which provided accounting, tax and human resource services for foreign companies in Japan. In 2016, he established an outsourcing base in Manila, Philippines as president. Lockhart Account Office later merged with Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation in 2019 and joined the group as a senior partner. He graduated from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Accountancy. He is a Certified Public Accountant (Japan / USA), tax accountant and an administrative scrivener.


We are actively recruiting employees. We are currently recruiting for the following two positions. For more information, please click on the links below. We look forward to hearing from you.