About our Company Establishment Services


Stock Corporation Establishment Services

At Shiodome Partners, administrative scriveners and judicial scriveners who have a wealth of experience in establishing various type of companies can provide quick and appropriate support in establishing stock companies. When a business that is not compliant with tax laws establishes a company, there will definitely be disadvantages when it comes to tax matters. We will answer questions related to stock corporation establishment such as “How much capital should I have?”, “How many shares should I issue?” or “How should I create the structure for the shareholders and directors?”.


LLC・LLP Establishment Services

LLC (limited liability companies) and LLP (limited liability partnerships) do not require the “certification of the articles of incorporation by a notary public”, which is necessary when establishing a stock company, thus, a faster establishment is possible. The registration tax is also less expensive than that of a stock corporation. LLCs are often used as vehicles for fund formation while LLP can be used as a vehicle for a collaborative project of a joint venture between two or more companies. Shiodome Partners has the valuable experience needed in establishing either an LLC or an LLP.


Fund Establishment Services

Shiodome Partners supports the establishment of investment limited partnerships (LPS) and anonymous partnerships (TK). Our group’s lawyers are familiar with the establishment of funds, thus depending on the scheme, we can support the formation of relatively small-scale funds.


Nonprofit organization (NPO) Establishment Services

Shiodome Partners can perform various procedures for the establishment of an NPO corporation. The establishment of an NPO corporation requires several documents to be prepared. Despite this, our professionals who are very experienced in this field can proceed with the establishment procedure efficiently and reliably.

Service Features

Quick support with a sense of urgency

Shiodome Partners has a group of consultants of young average age in the industry who are agile and motivated to do their work. We believe that speed is extremely important when it comes to establishing a company. We promise to deliver our services promptly so you can start your business without any delays.

Able to offer multilingual support

Shiodome Partners has many bilingual staff who are fluent in English and Chinese. Recently, foreign-affiliated companies are expanding into Japan. We support the foreigners and the establishment of these foreign-affiliated companies in English and Chinese, and we have been receiving tremendous support from our clients.

Complete operations support after the company establishment

The certified public accountants, tax accountants, social insurance labor consultants, administrative scriveners and other professionals of Shiodome Partners can provide a one-stop support for accounting, tax, personnel and labor matters after the client company has been established. We can provide a wide range of support for business operations related to notification to tax offices, employment contracts, acquisition of residence status, acquisition of license and permits.