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Our Identity

RSM Shiodome Partners is your one stop source for resolving the business and legal needs of your enterprise.

Who we are

We are a team of established professionals from all sectors of business, law, and accounting, which include (but are not limited to): CPAs, EA (tax accountants), attorneys, certified social insurance labor consultants, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, English/Chinese/Korean translators, and more.

To provide the best service, we coordinate our expertise across all areas of specialty to propose a solution that best accommodates your company’s goals and specific circumstances. Experience has taught us that insightful anticipation is essential for succeeding in today’s competitive business environment.

Our enterprise solutions are customized to meet your business’s specific requirements for flexibility, growth, and profitability. As a member of the RSM International network of global accounting institutions, we have the commitment and experience you need to develop your business on an international scale.

One stop source of business,
accounting, and legal solutions
(Accounting · Tax · Human
Resources · Labor Service ·
Legal Work)
×Bilingual support in multiple languages
(Multilingual support)
(Japanese · English · Chinese · Korean etc.)
×Affiliate of
RSM International Network
(Japan ・ Overseas)

Unrivaled in versatility and excellence

We take pride in being the only source of one stop business, accounting, and legal services in Japan. In providing the best service for our clients, our organization practices collaboration across all professional specialties and utilizes the best solutions that human and artificial intelligence has to offer.

Embracing change with confidence

Adapting to dramatic changes in the business environment requires experienced analysis, strategic anticipation, and a commitment to flexibility. Since our founding in 2008, our organization has endured and flourished by welcoming change and the opportunities that come with it.

Creating a positive impact that endures

Ultimately, the prosperity of any organization relies on the support of the community. The community includes everyone and everything that makes the company’s success possible—from the employees and clients, to the legal and social ecosystem that moderates the existence of every entity in society.

In the drive for versatility and success, we can never forget the importance of integrity and mutuality, which are the universal values that make everything we do possible. We thank you for your support as we continue to strive toward the benefit of our clients, employees, and everyone in our community.