RSM Shiodome Partners has a Philosophy that all executives and employees of the Group adhere to. The Shiodome Philosophy consists of “Corporate Philosophy,” “Management Principals,” “Philosophy of Conduct,” and “Guideline Principals”.

Corporate Philosophy

We will strive to enable our clients to unlock their full potential and build confidence through our one-stop service, contribute to the realization of a prosperous community and society and we will make the well-being of our employees and their families the cornerstone of our values.

Management Principals

  1. to remain a trustworthy partner for our clients, we will constantly evolve, aim for a workplace where people can work towards their dreams, and value the happiness of our employees and their families.
  2. to put our clients first, we will spare no effort in fulfilling our responsibilities and making the necessary contributions.
  3. as professionals, we will always have high aspirations and a sense of mission, and aim to make contributions to society that transcend nationality, race, culture, etc.

Philosophy of Conduct

Growing together with our clients

We will provide services to our clients by setting the following three keywords as our motto:


We encourage for all our members to continue to strive to improve their knowledge and practical skills in their respective fields.


We aim for all members to have passionate hearts and ethical values, and to maintain integrity with all stakeholders.


We motivate our members to think and act innovatively by continually asking for them to take on new challenges to help improve and meet all of our clients’ needs.

Guideline Principles

We have established nine guidelines as a breakdown of the above three management principles. We will continue to provide our clients with services that always meet the highest quality standards, make sure that they are cost-effective for clients to incorporate, and to bring inspiration. The following are key takes on how we plan to meet these goals:

  1. set goals and take action
  2. act to improve ourselves
  3. act while being conscious of cost, revenue, and profit
  4. value our colleagues
  5. respect our clients
  6. comply with security, privacy, and other compliances
  7. act independently
  8. think from a market-in perspective (i.e., understanding customer needs)
  9. inspire