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Shunsuke Kagei


Shunsuke Kagei

Partner / Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist

Understanding the Business Plan required for “Business Manager” Status of Residence Application

August 17, 2023

This page provides insights into the business plan required for “Business Manager” Status of Residence(or visa), explaining its purpose, components, and importance:

What is a Business Plan?

  • A Business Plan, in the context of “Business Manager” visa applications, is a crucial document that evaluates the stability and continuity of a business during the visa screening process. If the company is already in business, a certified copy of a corporate registry with all historical matters, a financial report, and a statutory report of withholding slips of all the employees’ previous year’s salary will be required to show the legitimacy of the business.
  • A Business Plan serves as a roadmap for the business to outline the strategies and actions needed for success.
  • There isn’t a fixed format for creating a Business Plan, and various templates can be found online, serving as valuable references.

What is a Business Plan for a “Business Manager” Visa Application?

  • When applying for a “Business Manager” visa, the Business Plan becomes a vital document. However, the Immigration Agency doesn’t provide specific guidelines on its content. Therefore, applicants must deduce the required information and prepare a plan tailored to each application.
  • For instance, when submitting the plan to the Immigration Agency and a bank, different information may be needed. In essence, the “Business Manager” visa application requires evidence of business stability and continuity.

What Should be Included in a Business Plan for a “Business Manager” Visa?

While specific content isn’t dictated by the Immigration Agency, the following elements are typically included:

  • – Company Profile
  • – Applicant’s Background
  • – Reasons for Establishing the Business in Japan
  • – Business Model
  • – Market Analysis and Target Audience
  • – Description of Products and Services
  • – Details of Business Partners (Suppliers, Customers, etc.)
  • – Competitor Analysis and Differentiation Strategies
  • – Organizational Structure and Staffing Plans
  • – Budget Projections

The Business Plan should address these key questions:

  • – Who is the applicant, and why do they want to conduct business in Japan?
  • – Is the proposed project feasible?
  • – How is the organizational structure planned, and what are the sales strategies?
  • – Are there profit and loss projections for the upcoming years?

Importance of a Business Plan

  • Preparing a Business Plan requires time and effort but is a document that showcases your commitment and seriousness about the business. A well-prepared plan can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a “Business Manager” visa.
  • The plan serves as a tool to demonstrate your motives and plans to the Immigration Agency. By aligning your proposal with what the Immigration Agency seeks, you increase the likelihood of approval.
  • If you prefer to focus on business operations or are unsure about document preparation, consider consulting a specialist to assist with the visa application process. This can free up your time for other business preparations and improve the prospects of a smooth business launch.
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