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Our Internal Audit Service (co-sourcing)

Internal controls and corporate governance implemented at foreign subsidiaries must be monitored closely to prevent misconduct and reviewed regularly to ensure the effectiveness and compliance with legal requirements and internal policies. Internal auditors can also improve subsidiaries’ operational efficiencies and strengthen the financial reporting process by planning appropriate audit procedures, executing, and evaluating audit results and redesigning control processes.

Our experienced bilingual professionals can work with internal auditors at subsidiaries or central team to provide adequate resources and expertise to effectively execute audit activities.

Advantage of outsourcing internal audit function

Businessman financial Inspector and secretary making report calculating

  • Timely responses to exposed risks, issues or crisis
  • Cost-effective execution of audit plans
  • Stable staffing level and resource provisions on an as-needed basis
  • Localization – Languages, cultures and customs

How we can support

  • Preparing an annual audit plan and execute: Selecting a location to audit, coordinate with local management
  • Schedule and task management
  • Identify key issues, find solutions and implement remedies
  • Report the results of the audit to local management as well as to central management
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Internal Audit Services – Fee Structure

Regarding the fee structure for our Internal Audit Services, we will provide a quotation either on a time charge basis or a fixed fee arrangement calculated from the estimated hours to be spent on the expected scope of work. Depending on the matters to be consulted, there may be cases where it would be difficult to apply the fixed fee arrangement. Nevertheless, RSM Shiodome Partners takes on the mission to provide excellent cost-effective services within the budget of the client. Please feel free to contact our consultants for the details of our fee structure.