Translation Services

Translation of Financial Statements

【CASE 1】 When English financial statements are required from foreign investor(s)
Based on the requirements, a translated version of Japanese financial statements or converted financial statements for IFRS/ US-GAAP are prepared.

【CASE 2】 When Japanese trial balances are required for foreign entities
For example, when foreign entities without permanent establishments in Japan receives investments from Japanese investors, financial statements in Japanese are often required. We are offer translations for such cases.

Flow of our translation services (Accounting, Tax, Social ins., and many others) International business concept with a computer keyboard and world flags

The General Overview of our Translation Service

1. Interview (Determine qualities, due dates, prices, etc)
2. An appropriate translator is assigned
3. An appropriate staff in-charge for proof reading is assigned
4. Hard and soft copies of the translations will be delivered
5. Remittance of fees are required prior to delivery
6. Languages (Japanese, English, Chinese)

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Translation Services – Fee Structure

Regarding the fee structure for our Translation Services, we will provide a quotation either on a time charge basis or a fixed fee arrangement calculated from the estimated hours to be spent on the expected scope of work. Depending on the matters to be consulted, there may be cases where it would be difficult to apply the fixed fee arrangement. Nevertheless, RSM Shiodome Partners takes on the mission to provide excellent cost-effective services within the budget of the client. Please feel free to contact our consultants for the details of our fee structure.