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RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network Launches: Fostering Connections and Celebrating Achievements

September 1, 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of the “RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network”. This network aims to bring together former members of the firm, enabling them to reconnect, share experiences, and support each other’s professional growth.


Having drawn strength from the dedication of its employees and their families over the years, RSM Shiodome Partners places great value on maintaining connections with former colleagues. As part of its commitment to nurturing relationships, the firm envisions celebrating the new ventures of its alumni and collectively striving for mutual well-being.

The RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network serves as a platform for retired members of the firm to engage in various activities, including sharing news and insights, participating in training sessions and seminars, and attending social events. The network’s primary goal is to facilitate the continued professional development of its members and foster meaningful connections among them. Furthermore, the network is set to evolve into a broader alumni network encompassing RSM International as a whole.

By joining the “RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni,” participants can look forward to:

Connect: Reconnecting with former colleagues and fellow network members through the dedicated alumni community.

Explore: Expanding horizons through engaging events, seminars, and networking opportunities, fostering new connections and diverse career pathways.

Share: Collaborating within the alumni community to exchange experiences, insights, and ideas, offering valuable support to one another.

Message from the CEO to Alumni

“I am delighted to announce the establishment of the RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network. The success and culture of RSM Shiodome Partners and RSM International have been, are, and will be created by the past, present, and future members of RSM.

Fond memories of time spent with members who are no longer with RSM Shiodome Partners come to mind. The journey of RSM Shiodome Partners over the past 15 years has not been without its challenges. Therefore, I believe that reconnecting with all of you through the RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network will undoubtedly bring significant benefits to both sides. Thanks to your support, Shiodome Partners is now a member of the 6th-ranked RSM International and has become a member firm in Japan. Furthermore, RSM International is planning to launch a global alumni network in the future.

I encourage you to join the RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network at this opportunity. By formally joining the alumni network, you can reconnect with former colleagues, access valuable and enjoyable content, and even have the chance to participate in exclusive events or undisclosed business opportunities. You may also have the chance to return to our firm or recommend alumni participation to others. We would love to hear about your current endeavors and achievements.”

Kengo Maekawa
President and CEO

The RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network anticipates a dynamic future. Its dedicated alumni website, accessible at https://shiodome.co.jp/alumni, will serve as a hub for a wide array of activities.

These include:

  • Hosting seminars related to tax and legal reforms
  • Organizing events for alumni networking
  • Newsletters covering business and career insights, and RSM related news
  • Collaboration opportunities such as re-entry into the firm, consultancy roles, and exclusive job offers, etc.

Individuals interested in joining the RSM Shiodome Partners Alumni Network are encouraged to reach out to the administration office at: alumni at rsmsp.jp (replace “at” with @)

The network looks forward to welcoming former members and extending the reach of its supportive community.